I had a client who had retail type locations across the globe.  Every time we launched a new location we would drop ship a “toolkit” of sorts that included the basic activities required for launch — from a sales and marketing standpoint. We created a check list for success and we knew that if that check list was completed – then prospective customers would come in and sales would be made.

Time and again, our marketing person in the region would say they just didn’t have enough leads and the marketing plan wasn’t working. Then, sales would chime in and say that they couldn’t close because the price was too high (the evergreen excuse).

The first thing we would do was go to the checklist.  Did you put up a sign? Did you walk up and down the street to meeting your neighbors, invite them in for a tour and tell them about our incentive program?  Did you connect with referral partners? Did you get Google reviews from the few clients you have? Did you do the basics?  The “gazelle” locations would execute the basics flawlessly, improve off the basics and then test in new ideas. The “challenge” locations never made it through the basics – and quite frankly didn’t make it too long with the company.

Of course the basics change based on uniqueness of your company as well as the overall goals and objectives of the company.  For example, as you create the “basics” for a lead generation initiative you would consider:  (1) Who can buy your product/service. (2) Who will refer your product/service.  (3) Where do these people “look” to find a product/service like mine with the mindset to “act”. (4) What language do you need to use to connect with this group to simply convey your value proposition.  (5) What offer do you need to provide to elicit your desired response.  Once you answer these questions, you may build the foundation of your “basic plan” starting with “no cost” (pay for performance) activities. Then you might layer in low cost (time and money) activities that you “know” (whether from experience, word of mouth or gut), will work.  You’ll establish what success looks like for your investment.  Ensue you put systems int opal to measure and report. You will make changes based on your findings. And, as you establish a solid foundation allocated a percentage to testing in “new basics”.

Doing the basics can in fact turn into something very exciting! Once you have that solid foundation you can improve and test into more “exciting” more “sexy” activities.

Create a powerhouse foundation and test out from there.

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