About Pirrotti Marketing Group

We have create and executed sales and marketing strategies that have fueled explosive business growth, birthed categories, launched new products and territories and groomed companies for acquisition, financing and sale. Our approach is lean, nimble and ROI driven. We listen to what the business needs and then we craft and execute the sales and marketing strategies to achieve the prize.

How will you work with us?

Our clients use us in three ways. (1) We create the strategy, execute, report on results and optimize the program. (2) We craft the strategy and our clients execute on their own. (3) Clients use our tools and support videos as a Do It Yourself (DIY) type model.

Give us 15 minutes of your time.

What can we do for you?

We follow a simple model that we’ve developed over the last few decades and have used for companies of all sizes across the globe. Depending on the lifecycle of your firm, you may choose to address all aspects of the model or if you’ve got some bases covered we will drop in and fill in the gaps (seriously)!

We start with the end in mind.

KEY PERFORMA CE INDICATORS (KPI): We need to first understand what the business needs, then we determine how sales and marketing will contribute to achieving the prize. Next, we will document what success looks like (time sensitive and measurable), and how we will track and report on those KPIs.

Once we establish “what success looks like” we continue our way through the process.

BRAND: Typically we’ll continue with your overall brand promise. This is your Unique Bundle of Promises – that bundle that makes the competition irrelevant.  The promise that is so powerful that your audience will tattoo your logo onto their body (think Harley Davidson and NFW).  The deliverable is a brand book that articulates your promise, voice, colors, fonts, images, etc…

VALUE: We then address your overall value proposition by product and service.  Here we look to a basic equation to create a compelling value proposition where (value = perceived benefits / perceived costs).

AUDIENCE: Next we establish your target audience.  We are strong believers that whether you are a b2b or b2c firm, we are always connecting Humans (Human2Human). The ultimate deliverable is a description of your audience as well as user stories to illustrate your products / services in action with this audience.

LEAD GENERATION: We’ll craft the plan to generate more leads, more engagement from prospective, current and former clients.  This is typically where we draw upon our expertise in digital media: web design and development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, signage, email marketing etc….

FUELING THE PIPELINE FOR THE FUTURE (BRAND): We also work on developing brand awareness and brand equity which will shift the sales process from you “selling” to your customers “buying”. Ultimately, the percentage of resources dedicated to lead generation vs. brand is based on the business lifecycle and objectives.

CONVERSION: Now that we’ve generated leads, awareness and engagement we will create a plan to maximize conversion at every touchpoint from initial impression to contact (web, phone, in person visit) to sale and beyond. We also  address marketing materials to support the sales cycle as well as your sales process. 

BUDGET: Finally we will address budget (people, time and money).  Here we will map out the resources you’ll need to execute against the plan and the results you can expect.

Our approach is holistic and methodical and it works.  It works for small companies and global companies. It works whether you are launching a new firm or product or if you’re an industry bellwether.

Give us 15 minutes of your time.