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Business Tools We Like: UserTesting (

By July 27, 2018 No Comments is our tool of choice for this month.

By, Andrea Pirrotti

Chances are – if you have a small business question or need – there is a resource to help you.  Many resources are free (great deal!) and cheap.  The challenge is, choosing the wrong resource will cost you a lot more than money.  The wrong resource will cost you time on the up-front and then again when you try to exit the platform or interpersonal relationship.  So, while we don’t have the holy grail, and its likely that our recommendations aren’t completely foolproof, we do have resources we like and UserTesting is one of them.

On their website, UserTesting says, they help companies eliminate bad user experiences.  How?  They make it easy for companies to get on-demand feedback from their target market – wherever they are.

What does that mean in the real world?  Well, Be Smart About is currently in Beta.  Right now, the first thing we want to do is ensure our audience understands what we’re offering, can easily access information, subscribe, purchase tools and articulate Be Smart About benefits to their friends.  UserTesting made testing during this phase super easy and very cost-effective for us.

How easy?  Well the entire process took minutes. We signed up for UserTesting and then filled in the profile of the person that we wanted to see using our website. Next, we posted two questions and two tasks that we wanted that target audience to complete. Within one hour we had videos in our dashboard of our target audience using the website, responding to our questions, completing our tasks and narrating their experience throughout the entire process.  The experience was fast, easy, cost effective ($45 per video) and seamless.

Clearly we only scratched the surface of testing that UserTesting offers, but from my experience, if you are launching a new website, digital product etc, and you want to see your product being consumed by your target audience – then check out UserTesting.

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By, Andrea Pirrotti

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