Yin and Yang and teams

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Touch the Kevlar paint on the Jeep and you’ll scratch your hands. The glass-like appearance of the Tesla paint invites you to caress the car. The jeep with its off-road tires and engine, rumbles down the road alerting anyone within blocks of its arrival. The Tesla, quiet and stealth-like. The Jeep: 0-60 in minutes, Tesla: 3.2 seconds. The Jeep a winch to pull up to 12,000 pounds. Tesla – though powerful has no winch.  My husband and I each picked a 

car. Polar opposite. And somehow together fit a holistic need.

Last night I was a dinner with my husband a group who has just completed and received results from the Myers Briggs assessment.  The group was intrigued as there was very little “quadrant” overlap amongst members of the leadership team. And yet as a team they are quite powerful. My husband and I smiled knowingly as the group talked about their results as he and I placed in opposite quadrants with this assessment (potential proof of the power of yin and yang).

I’m amused by our car story. But the reality of building inclusive teams with complimentary competencies, work styles and ideas takes work from the initial hire to the nurturing of the individual as well as the holistic team.  Typically, I offer “top tips” on my posts. But, I’m not an expert in this area.  So, I offer food for thought and ask for your ideas that might help our readers.


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