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2:00am (Are you embracing the rhythm of your brain?)

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Free your brain. Penfield Beach Fairfield, CT

By, Andrea Pirrotti

I’m a reasonably intense person. Like many, I start my day early and typically sprint a marathon throughout the day until dinner time (6 pm) and then start sprinting again from 8:00-10:00.  By 10 – I’m done.  I turn on the Food Network (or anything mindless) and quickly fall asleep.  Then, almost like clockwork, I am wide awake at 1 am.  Of course, I would love to place the blame on external factors like a noise in the house, or the dog barking but if I’m truthful – it’s just me.  And so, I’ve tried to resist waking. I literally use techniques to drone myself back to sleep.  I count backward. I read the news on my iPhone. I toss and turn.  Why do I fight it you might ask.  Why don’t I just wake up and go with it?

Well, health news tells me I will be fat if I don’t get sleep.  The media lashes out at Trump for Tweeting at night.  And, many folks have told me that emailing at the wee hours of the night isn’t professional. One idea is to keep a notebook by my bed, write stuff down and execute in the morning.  But, that’s not me.  I want to execute right then and there.

So… I’ve stopped resisting.  Recently I’ve been responding to emails at 3 am (or whatever time).  Writing blog posts -putting fingers to the keyboard at 1 am.  Editing my website. Creating tools.  And generally being very productive.  I  listened to myself – my mind – my body – and I went with it. I feel productive. Happy.

This post little to do with what time I work and how much I sleep.  The post has more to do with allowing your inner self to guide you.  For example.  My entire life I’ve been told to walk into a networking event and talk to everyone in the room ( I don’t).  Or that brainstorming is the only way to develop great ideas (Not really for me).  Or I have to eat a completely Paleo diet to be healthy (I like pasta)!  None of this is true for me.  There are many tools in the Be Smart About library that we’ll share and talk about to help you discover the inner you, and tools that will help that inner you to thrive.

For now.  As an entrepreneur, you have to know that the path to success is embracing who you are rather than resisting and fighting who you are not.


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