Creating on-demand. The power of Lucky Charms (cereal).

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Creating, on demand. What inspires you?  

Creating is exhilarating. What do you do to drive the creative process?

Our son is a gifted writer. He enjoys writing. At the same time, he puts a great deal of pressure on himself to “create” / “produce” pieces that move him personally as well as his teachers and classmates (his stakeholders). The other day in school, the teacher asked the class to think of a topic and write on it. He scribbled down a topic and crossed it out – multiple times. His teacher called him to the carpet frustrated with him for crossing the topics out. He came home, shared what happened with me and said that he just couldn’t come up with a compelling idea to write about. He’s 10 by the way.

I get it. Producing on demand is hard – whether your 10 or a multiple of that.  The other day I had

Sometimes Lucky Charms helps the creative process. Sometimes it doesn’t.

lunch with my friend and mentor Joanna, who is an accomplished author. I told her about the “rug” incident and she shared that before she creates she may have to go for a bike ride, have a coffee, eat some chocolate, smoke a cigarette, walk around and then she may put her fingers to the keyboard.  I know that running helps to free my brain up a bit. The other day though the run didn’t work and I discovered the magic of gluten free Lucky Charms. I convinced myself each rainbow that I popped into my mouth ignited creativity (perhaps I won’t mention this to my CrossFit coach..)!

What compels you to create on-demand?

Typically, my posts include “next steps” or “tips” that we can action to make immediate change. But, I have tell you, the magic of the Charms won’t work for everyone and quite frankly doesn’t always work for me.

So, what do you do help you create on-demand? All ideas are welcome and indeed appreciated!

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